About Me

I am a web programmer and tarot scholar with over twenty years of experience in both fields.

This is my dream interpretation website. We have all experienced the disorientation and confusion that results from waking up with the residual memory of a dream. This site not only let’s you analyze such a dream to find meaning by way of symbolism, but it allows you to save your reading in a journal so you can track your dreams over time and look for patterns and recurring themes.

You can offer dream interpretations on your own website, click here for more info!

I also offer custom tarot software so that you can offer tarot or oracle card readings on your own website or blog. By simply copy/pasting HTML code your site can be dealing cards automagically. This is an excellent way of promoting your own reading service, eBook, or tarot deck.

I am here to improve this website app as you see fit, so feel free to contact me with your comments, suggestions, feedback, or whatever else is on your mind!