How Dreams Help with Real Life Problems

Dreams can help with real life problems because they give you insight as to what’s bothering you. All you have to do is learn how to interpret them. Dreams are an indication that you’re not very balanced, and they help you to seek to become balanced.

It is important that you find your life to be meaningful, purposeful, and guided in some manner. Many people believe that dreams are the body’s way of guiding you through the tough decisions you don’t want to face in the waking world. Other people believe that dreams are guidance from a higher power. Either way, dreaming can help you to solve issues that you are facing and navigate the tough and confusing waters of the waking world.

How do you reap this benefit of dreaming?

If you want to reap this benefit, you need to learn to take action when you dream. Once you’ve had an insightful dream, and every dream can be considered insightful, you need to take action so that you can follow the guidance that was given to you. This also requires that you learn how to interpret your dreams correctly. Even simple things in your dreams can represent something great.

It’s more than just knowing that a bird can symbolize freedom. Instead, some meanings are changed by the surrounding area in the dream, and you must learn to figure it out by asking yourself if these images have personal meaning as well. You cannot reap this benefit passively, and instead you have to work hard to discern and act on the messages given to you in your dreams.

How do you start the interpretation process? Starting the interpretation process is as easy as telling someone your dream. Sometimes, you can just write it out. The words you use to describe a dream are extremely important in helping to discern the meaning of the elements in your dreams. You shouldn’t worry about your dreams seeming disjointed because dreams aren’t meant to follow a linear order.

Instead, your dreams are giving you the information that you need to act. You aren’t given much more information than that. Of course, another reason that many people find their dreams to be too disjointed is that they are not used to remembering their dreams. You will remember the key elements, but small details may be lost until you practice remembering your dreams, which will increase your capacity to remember the details.

Once you write down your dreams, you’ll start to remember more details. Over time, you’ll remember all of the important details, and you’ll be able to determine what your dreams are trying to tell you much easier. You’ll need to write down what you think each element means, and you’ll be able to create a meaning that once put into practice guides you.

What’s an example?

Pretend this is your dream: I’m running through the forest. Then, suddenly I hit asphalt. There’s nothing around me for miles. No people. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, and a sharp pain goes through my head. A single bird flies across the sky, but it’s shot down from something I can’t quite see. As the bird falls to the ground, I black out and wake up.

This is a relatively simple dream with a lot of elements in it. Now that the dream is written down, you can learn to interpret it by breaking the elements apart. Make a list of the elements and their possible meanings. For example:

  • Running in the forest:
    • Running in a place you feel free
    • Running where your ancestors ran
  • Forest ending in asphalt:
    • Ending in the modern world
    • Ending where nothing’s natural
  • Nothingness:
    • A feeling of emptiness inside you
    • A lack of meaning or definition
  • A feeling of pain and fear:
    • Feeling helpless
    • Feeling ill
  • A bird flying:
    • Reaching out for freedom
    • Trying to escape your surroundings
  • A bird being shot:
    • Being held down
    • Unable to escape
  • Blacking out as it dies:
    • A connection to the bird
    • A desire for freedom

You see that there are at least two possible meanings for each element. Now, you need to think about what makes sense to you. If you’re connected to your ancestors, you’re more likely to feel like that’s what the dream is about. However, for most people it’ll just be a place that’s free and natural. Take that into consideration for the next aspect, and you’ll find out that the meaning is nothing is natural around you.

That leads you to believe you lack meaning in your life because you feel like everything is fake, and that will lead to a feeling of helplessness. You can interpret the rest as trying to escape your surroundings but being held down by something despite your desire for freedom

What do you do next? How do you apply it?

Now, once you’ve picked your interpretations. Apply it all together.

I feel trapped in a world where nothing is natural or real, and I’ve run into nothing but emptiness. There’s no meaning. I feel helpless because I can’t escape this place in my life, and something is holding me down. I can’t reach freedom.

Now that you’ve figured out what your dream was trying to tell you, you can apply it to the world around you. Ask yourself why you feel that nothing is real and that the world is empty. Why are you feeling helpless? What do you think is holding you down? Was there a detail in your dream you were forgetting? Why can’t you reach freedom?

With dream interpretations, you are guided to ask the questions you need to, and you’ll then be able to find more details in the dream that will help you to answer these questions. For example, you can feel that your job is holding you down or the people that are around you. Either way, you now know that most of your frustration, anger, anxiety, fear and stress is stemming from that feeling of despair and lack of freedom. You’ve been guided to your problem, and when you act on the guidance you received, you’ll be happier.

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