People to merge into each other’s dreams in lab sleep test

Dr Guy Meadows, co-founder of The Sleep School, is leading research into how people can improve their sleeping. He says experts are nearing a solution that will allow sleepers to interact with their own dreams and merge into someone else’s.

An article published in GQ Magazine, who interviewed Dr Meadows, reads: “Meadows mentioned cutting-edge advances currently taking place and how they could help at work too.

“In the US, he said, researchers were looking to develop technology within the next decade that would let one interact with their own dream (assisting with things like problem solving).”

Last year, futurologist Dr Ian Pearson said he believed human thoughts will be watchable on a TV screen in around a decade.

It came after researchers had claimed they could tell what rats were thinking by analysing activity in their brains.

Dr Pearson, an ex-cybernetics engineer, told Daily Star Online: “I would think in a lab we’re probably a decade or 15 years away from that.”

“There have been demonstrations two or three years ago where people have been shown videos on YouTube and then they’ve had helmets on detecting the signals.

“Then they have told the experimented people to think about some of those videos and they have been able to replay, discover what the people were thinking about, which videos sequences were going through their minds basically.

“So already it’s been demonstrated in the lab that you can interpret people’s thoughts to the point of working out what images people are thinking of.

“That’s already history, the proof of principle has already happened.”

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